Business Advice and Mentoring

The Accelerating Business team has considerable experience of providing business advice and mentoring support to senior executives and business owners across Scotland.

Our support is specifically tailored to meet individual business needs but generally we:-

  • act as a sounding board for new ideas;
  • provide specialist guidance and direction;
  • provide professional advice to help support Senior Executives/ business owners, and
  • help identify appropriate needs or skills upgrading for the senior executive / business owner and their staff.

All our mentoring clients are automatically enrolled into the Accelerating Business Academy.

The Academy has been established to provide our clients with guaranteed regular access to help and support when and where they need it. The Academy offers all members:-

  • 1. A one to one meeting with a business mentor once a month.
  • 2. Up to 30 minutes telephone support per month to deal with these key business issues that arise in between monthly meetings.
  • 3. Access to a regular series of business seminars on key topics.
  • 4. Networking opportunities with fellow Academy members.

Our Mentors use a systematic and structured mentoring programme involving four stages:

  • Stage one: Getting to know you and your business
  • Stage Two: Setting Objectives and agreeing meeting dates
  • Stage Three: Mentee Development through the Accelerating Business Academy
  • Stage Four: Evaluating Progress and success

Getting to know you and your business:

Developing a trusting relationship is fundamental to the success of mentoring. Accelerating Business understands that Mentees need to feel secure to discuss any matter with their Mentor. That is why we spend a great deal of time in the early stages of working with you to get to know you and your business and provide you with every opportunity to get to know us and how we intend to help you throughout the mentoring process. We also sign confidentiality agreements so that you are assured that we will only use what information you supply to enable us to assist you and your business and that any commercial information you supply to us will be safeguarded.

Setting Objectives and agreeing Meetings dates:

As a result of our initial discussions with you we agree the specific areas that we will offer to support and agree some specific targets so that progress can be monitored on an on-going basis. We will also agree dates and locations of future meetings.

Accelerating Business Academy:

It is envisaged that involvement one to one mentoring and participation at events organised by the Accelerating Business Academy would last over a six month period or longer if required to ensure that the goals and objectives set at the outset are realised.

Evaluating Progress:

Regular evaluation will be undertaken plans laid for tackling issues that may have arisen since the original objectives of the mentoring programme were set.


The Property Store Lorraine Robb of the Property Store engaged Accelerating Business’s David Scouller as her Mentor to help with the marketing of the business. After working with David for a few months the company refocussed their marketing spend and saw sales figures increase by 20% in 3 months. Lorraine said "I have found it a personally worthwhile and amazing service and would love to have a business mentor all the time and to have fresh and unbiased eyes on the business and give me feedback".