Interim Management

Interim Management

Providing that extra staff resource where and when you need it.

Running a business is not easy and no matter whether you are running a large business or an SME, there will undoubtedly be times where you wished you had extra staffing resource to enable you to complete a complex task or undertake an extra piece of work that requires to be completed quickly. There might also be times when you need to ensure that the business continues trade despite the absence, perhaps through illness, of a key member of the management team.

Our Interim Management solution can fill that missing staff resource – often within just 48 hours - ensuring that key business objectives can be achieved in a cost effective way without the need to recruit new staff and incurring all the employability issues associated with recruitment.

We offer to supply a member of our team with the relevant skills to carry out any specific task you require undertaken as quickly as we possibly can. Tasks might range from a short specific project where your existing management team requires to be augmented for a short period right through to providing full-time cover on a temporary basis for current vacancies in the business.

We are happy to supply people for just a few days or a few months – whatever you require. All our Interim Managers have vast experience in working across a range of industry sectors and as well as undertaking the role they have been hired to undertake many of our clients find that members of our team can bring a fresh perspective to their business and help add value in many other ways.

Case study

Morrison plc were bidding for a major local authority contract and engaged Accelerating Business's Douglas Millar to work with them as part of their tender bid team. Ian Bond, Finance Director at Morrison plc said:- "Douglas did some great work for us. We re-bid a major contract with a local authority and we were lucky enough to retain it. A lot of that was down to Douglas's hard work and contacts that he has got across Scotland. So getting Douglas working with our team has been a great success for us".