Non-Executive Directors

Non Executive Directors

We believe that for some companies the best level of support we can offer is through becoming a non-executive director of the business. It’s not just large plc's that can benefit from Non-Executive Director input – at Accelerating Business we believe that for many small businesses bringing an NED into the business can add considerable value.

Many SMEs fall into the trap of running the business in the same way year on year. In many instances that formula works but in a growing number of business sectors it's not just about supplying what your customers require it's about keeping an eye on the competition and identifying risks and opportunities in the marketplace. For many small businesses the need to look after existing business while at the same time planning for the future can be extremely challenging. That's where a non-executive director can add real value to the business – he / she can challenge those running the business, bring fresh ideas and often add entrepreneurial skills to the business that can help drive it forward in a risk controlled manner and take it to the next level.

Non Executive Directors are legally required to look after the best interests of the company and are responsible to shareholders in the company. By appointing an Accelerating Business NED into your business you can be assured that you will be investing in quality advice and support. All our Directors have undergone Institute of Director training in the role and function of a non-executive Director and are fully up to date with current business practice.

Non-Executive directors can also be pivotal in helping companies going through a corporate change such as ownership of the business, negotiating external finance, or during a takeover or merger. A non –executive director with specialist skills and experience of transition of ownership and change management can be invaluable.

If you would like to explore the possibility of recruiting an NED to your business please contact us and we can arrange a no obligation consultation with you to explore how we might be able to help.