What We Do


Accelerating Business has a range of training workshops specifically designed to meet the most common issues that are faced in business today.

Whether you are about to set up in business for the first time, or if you have been in business for years, we have a training package that will help you and your team add real value to your business.

We have teamed up with Clyde College in Glasgow where a range of our courses are delivered by Accelerating Business Directors both to our own clients and those buying commercial training support direct from the college itself. The link with the college ensures that all our courses are of a benchmark standard, well attended and participants get a good opportunity to mix with fellow trainees and share best practice.

Our most popular workshops are:-

How to set up in Business - A full day course with 2 tutors which has been specifically designed for people who wish to start up and succeed in business. The course is also suitable for new franchise holders.

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Marketing Skills – A full day course with 2 tutors where delegates will study the 10 basic ways to market a product or service.

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Presentation Skills – This course can be delivered either in one full day or in 2 half day sessions. Delegates will be coached in overcoming nerves, developing a clear and powerful method of presenting and retaining interest via the A.R.T. method:

Audience, Reaction, Theatre

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Sales Management – A full day course with two tutors where delegates will learn how to develop a Sales Strategy. It is most suitable for people moving into sales management or existing managers wishing go update their skill sets.

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Finance For Non Finance Specialists (FNFS) – a full day interactive workshop with two tutors covering the basics of Profit & Loss Accounts, the basic Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. How to build them, and how to understand them.

Personal/Client Profiling - This course is designed to improve Personal Sales and Management Skills by understanding your core values, your motivation, your relationships and how to successfully work with clients or colleagues who do not have the same style as you. Course content includes Personal Profiling  which will help you understand what type of person you are, help you understand your personal strengths and teach you how to react when relating to people who are in a different profile to you.

In addition we have a range of short training modules and courses that can be tailored to meet your business objectives and the specific needs of the individuals on each course.

These training offerings include:

Time Management Selling your products overseas Cold Calling Techniques Export Documentation Tele-Sales (Certificates of Origin, ATR & EUR 1 Forms)

(Support funding for most of our courses is available subject to client qualification).

We are also able in partnership with our strategic partners Joseph Lawrence Limited and People Solutions to offer specialised training to those wanting to set up business in the hairdressing and hospitality industries.