How To Set Up Business


How To Set Up Business

A full-day course with 2 Tutors

The course covers the following issues:

  • a. What type of business : retail or service
  • b. Business name and structure
  • c. Writing a Business Plan
  • d. Setting up your premises
  • e. Setting up your finances : a company bank account including your starting capital and any available grants
  • f. Choosing your Advisors
  • g. Date of start of business
  • h. Terms & Conditions of the business
  • i. Advising the HMRC
  • j. How to survive until the business is up and running
  • k. Computer usage and setting up records
  • l. Basic book-keeping : money in/money out – appointing a book-keeper.
  • m. Formulating a Business Strategy
  • n. Developing a Marketing Plan
  • o. Putting realistic sales targets in place
  • p. Managing your business : sales & marketing : what needs to be achieved each month
  • q. Organising regular reviews of the business.

This course is most suitable for clients who wish to start up and succeed in business or new franchise holders.